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Who is this Jesus?

When I was brought on as youth pastor I had one objective- be clear about the gospel! This is the most vital thing I could do for the life of our church. Zealous for the the clarity of the gospel I spent several weeks unpacking the truth that is the power of God unto salvation.

As I concluded that series I wanted the students to have a clear and informed understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, I began a series entitled: Who is this Jesus? This series is a verse by verse teaching of the Gospel According to Mark. The author leaves no room for curiosity as to whom the book will be about. Verse one states clearly, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” How about that! Already, in verse one the reader has a phenomenal understanding of who Jesus is. He is the Christ, the Son of God. Furthermore, the book will be the gospel or “good news” of this man named Jesus. My prayer is that I will be faithful to the text in giving the students a correct picture of Jesus.

Up to Date

Tonight we continued our study of the Gospel of Mark as we looked at Mark 1:21-28. The author recounts an event in the life of  Jesus that would be any horror movie to shame. Jesus is confronted in the synagogue by a man with an unclean spirit. A clearer contrast could not be found: Jesus the Son of God, who had just had the Spirit of God descend like a dove upon Him in verse 10 was confronted by a man with a “unclean” spirit. Nothing could be considered more ungodly than something “unclean” (just read the Old Testament). So, this is the setting: Jesus astonishing the congregation huddled in the synagogue with his authoritative teaching when an unclean spirit cries out. “What have you to do with  us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are–the Holy One of God.” (Mark 1:24) The spirit knew Jesus to the extent that the spirit declares what Jesus will do: destroy demons. The spirit knew that the Kingdom had come and that Jesus would ultimately wipe them out.

Jesus responds with one powerful sentence, ” Be silent, and come out of him!” (Mark 1:25) Then something remarkable follows- the unclean spirit leaves the man. What did Jesus do to remove the unclean spirit? Did he use a special potion? Did he use a particular prop? No, Jesus only spoke a command and the spirit obeyed. Jesus’ word was his action. We see this same concept when He called Simon, Andrew, James,  and John. Jesus says, “Follow me,” then the immediate response of the disciples was the drop their nets and follow Jesus. This shows us the utterly unique authority of Jesus! He speaks as to act and everything must obey! What an amazing Lord!

If Jesus is authoritative it means that we must do what he says. Furthermore, it is good for us to do what he says. What an amazing concept: it is what we must do and it is the best thing for us! Amen! So, trust in the Jesus who has authority above all! What is sin, pain, family problems, and addictions to the one who speaks and even the unclean spirits obey! Go to Jesus, it is what we must do and it is the best thing we could ever do.

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