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Know to Grow

Our focus in youth ministry at FBCF centers around the ‘K2G’.  K2G is an abbreviation for “Know to Grow”.  As I was praying, studying, and preparing on a weekly basis to lead and make disciples of the youth in Fairdale, I found myself continually coming back to the same thought. That thought goes something like this:  I want these youth to bring glory to our great God with their lives, goals, and futures.  So then I pondered… How do we raise up youth that glorify God?  Well, when anyone (youth or adults) becomes like God and begins to walk in His ways in accordance with His Word then God is magnified, worshipped, and glorified.  So I asked… How do we raise up youth that are like God and that walk in His ways in accordance with His Word? 

And that is when my ‘K2G’ mindset was developed!

The more youth know and clearly understand about Jesus, the more they grow in His likeness.

The desire of FBCF Youth is to Know Christ through His Word in order that we may Grow in Christ through His Word.

We want to become like God so that He will receive all the glory and credit for our lives.  The way this is accomplished is through us knowing Him in a personal and true way.

Regularly, we are emphasizing to all our youth — “You must KNOW Jesus more so you can GROW in Jesus more!”

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