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Teaching Youth with Halloween in mind!

Last week, we did not have Youth at our church.  We were in the middle of a Revival week and therefore Youth was cancelled.  Nevertheless, we had many youth attend the Revival services and God continues to work among our Young people at FBCF.

This past Wednesday though, we did meet.   And it was good.

Each year at Halloween, we let the children carve pumpkins and sometimes the Youth help out.

This year, I met with the Youth in the YouthRoom for about half the evening.  We were in there until about 7:40.  Then we went ouotside to carve pumpkins and have Hot Chocolate and cookies. It was awesome.

While inside though we took a break from Mark.

I asked 3 questions which are appropriate this time of year.

1) Can we legitimately be scared of the dark?  Either way, then why are we?

2) Are there such things as ghosts?

3) Are there such things as demons or evil spirits?

As the culture declines and families do with it, sadly there are more and more young people who are fascinated by evil and many things associated with it.  It chills me to think of so many teens seeing Halloween and things related to witches as such an awesome thing.

We discussed these three questions.  I wish more people could have heard our discussion.

Here are my conclusions:

1) No and No. 1John 1:5 “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.”  The biggest reason we are scared of the dark is because we have trained ourselves to be. And that is bad, because now Satan uses that to make us more afraid and less faithful.

2) No. Ghosts are defined as someone who has come back after dying.  This is not possible.  Hebrews 9:27 “it is appointed for man to die once and after that to face judgment.”  Sorry, but there is no chance. This is God’s world.  The moment you die, you are before Him, to be judged by Him, and to be sent to heaven or hell by Him.  There is no opportunity to come back as a ghost.  Sorry.  Any argument in support of ghosts would have to be explained around this truth.

3) Yes and absolutely.  Satan is not infinite like God.  So, he has armies.  He has demons that work for him and with him.  But let us remember what the Scriptures teach. God is over the demons.  They answer to him and obey him and know him.  Like Luther said, “the Devil is God’s devil.”  So the follower of Christ living by faith has the power of God which is bigger than demons.

May we think about things that matter as we take part in this years Halloween.

Jesus is better.

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