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Get Jesus involved in this!

The Youth who follow Jesus at FBCF are so intensely on fire that the Youth Pastor can hardly keep up.  Their passion, intensity, & reckless pursuit of knowing and growing in the truth of God is setting the pace in our whole church.

Just this week the church needed some major clean up done. Major!! There were trees down and large limbs everywhere in the yard. A chainsaw and 2 trucks were needed.  Guess who did all that?

the Youth!

The Wednesday night dinner last week needed someone to clean up everything…dishes, tables, floor, trash, etc.  Guess who did it?

the Youth!

The wednesday night dinner this week needed someone to prepare it…prepare it, cook it, serve it, etc. Guess who did it?

the Youth!

The wednesday night prayer and Bible study service needed someone to set up everything in the fellowship hall because it was set up for the Baby shower on Sunday night. Guess who did it?

the Youth!

Thats right…young people can and do set the example…in speech, love, faith, conduct, and purity!

Ok, with that said, I had some previous duties I had to do before I could begin teaching the youth.  So the youth got themselves ready and then i arrived in the YouthRoom at 730 to teach. They had already discussed announcements and prayed so they were ready when I got there.

We went back to Mark 1. This time verses 29-34.  I love it in verse 30 how Mark writes that Simon’s mother-in-law lay ill with a fever, and immediately they told Jesus about her.

This is why I titled this ‘get Jesus involved in this!’

We all are going through something…and always are.  We have family problems, boy or girl problems, self-esteem issues, drama, we hate ourselves, we hate others, we got up and we get down.  The Scriptures continually implore us to look to Jesus, turn our eyes upon Him, set our minds on Him, Have His mind.  Get Jesus involved.  Let Him know about it. 

I showed them how I regularly go to my room, shut the door, kneel down, and pray. We must do this.  Regardless what it is, we must let Jesus know. Get Him involved. Talk to Him. Pray.  Get His wisdom and understanding concerning the matter.

Also, this passage ends by saying that Jesus would not allow the demons to speak concerning who He was.  This same thing was discussed last week.  Why is this?  Why didn’t want people speaking about who He was? why?

Because He was on a mission.  Jesus came to save His people from their sins. (Matthew 1:21) Jesus came to die.  And He died becuase they didnt believe that He was the  Savior. So they killed Him.  Jesus didnt want anything to stop His purpose, get in His way, interfere with Him accomplishing His task.

So, I concluded and asked.  Do you know who Jesus is?  really?  Do you know who He is?  Do you get Him involved in everything you do?  Have you discussed with him all the issues you are going through?

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