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Hear the Word!

Josh Powell (He’s our favorite preacher). Most of his sermons are posted on

Alistair Begg. You can find his sermons on

Stephen Curry. You can find his Irish sermons at


Neil McClendon. He travels & preaches to youth, and he also pastors Grand Parkway Baptist Church. His sermons are at or

John MacArthur. He is very well known and pastors Grace Community Church. His sermons are at

John Piper. He pastors Bethelehem Baptist Church and his sermons are at

Tanner Turley. Tanner is a PhD student at Southeastern Seminary. His sermons are scattered abroad. We hope to have a link soon.

Travis Jones. Travis travels and preaches and loves missions. His sermons are scattered abroad as well. We hope to have a link soon to all of Travis’s sermons. In the meantime, you can find some of his on

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