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Times & Places


Sunday Mornings – 9:45. Youth and adults in the church have combined small group Bible studies with four different subjects to choose from. These morning service, typically called ‘Sunday School’ tends to be a little more organized and calm. We normally pray together and learn from the Bible. All this of course is right before we head to our church-wide worship service.

Sunday Nights – 6:00. On Sunday nights, there is not a youth specific service.  However, this absence is intentional.  Our desire in youth ministry is to raise up mature, sound in the faith, followers of Jesus who love to hear the Word taught and preached. So, on Sunday nights our students are encouraged to be there and be a part of the evening Bible study/worship service with the adults.  These evening services are so valuable!  It is on Sunday evenings, before, during, and after worship when relationships are established and developed.  Most Sunday nights end up with some hang out time either in the church parking lot or out to eat.  So, youth….don’t miss out!

Wednesday Nights – 7:00. All youth meet together with Troy upstairs in the Youth Room. These Wednesday nights are so much fun and for many of us are the highlight of our week. Sometimes we play games, sometimes we have refreshments, and sometimes we get serious. But all the time we laugh a lot, and all the time we open God’s Word. And in the midst of all that…all the time God is changing the lives of the youth involved. Its awesome!

Studying the Word

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