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Ask Anything!

Last night during our K2G (wednesday night youth) service, I did something that we don’t do too often.   I took about 30 minutes to allow the youth to ask me any question they wanted to.  I introduced it by praying to God about how all of us have hearts and minds that are full of so many thoughts, concerns, and questions.   Teens are curious and have many things they would like to have answered.

Many are way too shy and would never speak up in front of many of their peers to ask a serious question, but some did.   Here are some of their questions.

-What is Psalm 90 about?

-Is it possible that we aren’t the first things God created? (could God have created more before this creation in Genesis?)  Great question by the way?

-Will God allow someone into heaven that does not love Him?

-If someone has never sinned, but they don’t believe in Jesus, will they still go to heaven?

Those are just a few of the good questions they were asking. I like to see them think and open up their minds.  Society is teaching kids more and more to not get serious about anything. So I like to see them taking very serious the things in life that should be taken seriously…namely, Jesus and His death and His Word.

By the way, I did my best to answer from Scripture all of those questions.  Then someone asked, at the end when God judges everyone and He divides the sheep from the goats, where will that take place?  So we turned to Revelation 20 and I taught on the defeat of Satan, the great white throne judgement, and the new heaven and new earth.   Verse 20:11 says that “from His presence earth and sky fled away, and no place was found for them.” Then verses 12-15 are the judgement and dividing up of people to heaven or hell. And then in 21:1 John sees the new heaven and new earth.

So the actual judgement takes place somewhere in the midst of all that.  We know this, it is before the great throne of God. it seems to be not on earth.  The old earth has fled and the new earth is not yet.  This is possible because with God we don’t need anything. We won’t need food, or light, or anything.  He will sustain it all. So I suppose we wont need an earth either. Maybe judgement will just be us and the throne.

Here’s the point. Verse 20:15 says “And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”

I asked “is your name there?”

Christ was slain by God so that you wouldnt be.  Will you turn from yourself and turn to God for forgiveness and life?  And will you through faith in King Jesus find your name in the Lamb’s book of life?

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