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DNow “Resolved” Recap

This year’s Disciple Now officially came to an end yesterday morning. Not only did the 3 inches of snow not stop us, it was just another addition to an absolutely awesome weekend! Our Youth group turned out in force on Friday afternoon for a DNow weekend that showed us that God is resolved to save sinners by the person and work of Jesus Christ, and that because of the power of God’s spirit within us, Christians can and should be resolved to follow Him with all our hearts.

The Lord showed himself gracious yet again with providing amazing small group leaders to lead the small group Bible studies at our host homes, and powerful teaching and preaching by our weekend’s speakers. Our worship time with the band was convicting and humbling as we considered that “What we proclaim is not ourselves”, and our service opportunity at the homeless shelter was a great opportunity to put that to practice. Many youth shared their excitement over what God had begun to do in their hearts this weekend, and all of us were encouraged to see the power of God at work through the study of His Word.

The good news for us is that God not only works on DNow weekends (of course), but has been at work from eternity past, beginning, continuing, and eventually finishing the good work that he has purposed to do in us. There is nothing more awesome than a God like our God, and there is no hope like the hope that He has given us in Jesus Christ. “Thank you Lord, that you resolved to save sinners at your cross. Amen.”

(For more pictures click here and there are more coming soon!)


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