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New Wednesday Night Bible Study: 1 Peter

Tonight in the YouthRoom, Drew is going to start a brand new bible study on the first book of Peter!

If you’ve never read through 1 Peter, or you haven’t ever taken the time to really study it, this is a fantastic opportunity to jump in and get started! Like all of God’s Word, this book is chalked full of truth that will change the way you live life. The apostle Peter doesn’t mess around when it comes to telling it like it is. He wanted the Church to understand how much the Father loved them, and the reason that He sent Christ to die for them. This is good news, because Peter was writing to a group of sinners, much like us — to encourage, warn, and teach them how to love Jesus more. Tonight Drew will be introducing the book and the background to us, and laying a foundation for the rest of the chapters. It’s gonna be awesome!

We’ll keep the light on for you…


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