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Singing the Battle Song

We had a great time tonight up in the YouthRoom learning about why the songs of Christians absolutely change the world and us!

Not only do we sing because of the awesome truth that God has saved us from our bondage to sin through Jesus Christ, nor is it just because the Bible tells us to sing (though it does from beginning to end!), but we sing because we are in the middle of a war!In fact, we are in the middle of the greatest war that there ever was or ever will be! God declared it in Genesis 3, won it on Calvary, and will finish it off in Revelation. Until then, we get to rally every Wednesday and Sunday together as an army of God’s redeemed, singing of God’sĀ deliveranceĀ of our souls, His promises for our future, and His power and victory over the devil and sin. The songs of the Christian declare that the King is coming soon, and complete and final victory is coming with Him. Hallelujah! Now that’s good news!

A fellow freedom fighter for your joy and the glory of Christ,


Two awesome vids on war. The first on making war in life – and the second on prayer as a war-time walkie talkie. Add ’em to your arsenal…

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