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Mic Check: Why We Sing.

Have you ever wondered why Christians sing in church? That’s just what you do at church, right? But if you think about it, there’s a lot of places you go where groups of people don’t just break out in singing. When you go to school, you don’t carry a hymnbook to class and then sing a couple of songs before learning about U.S. History, do you? There aren’t usually choirs serenading in the supermarket, are there? No worship leader at Walmart, right? So what’s the deal with church? Why do people meet every Sunday morning in churches all around the word and sing? What’s the big deal?

Those are great questions — with even greater answers, answers that just might change your life. And we’re going to tackle them this Wednesday night in the YouthRoom. Be there at 7pm and find out why the Church’s singing puts American Idol to shame…

Grace and Peace,


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