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Did You Know?: Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool

Did you know that when the Bible talks about “fools”, especially in the book of Proverbs, it is not talking about people who are dumb?

Today, it’s easy to think that when someone is called a fool that’s just another way to say that they’re not the brightest pumpkin in the patch.

But when the Bible says that someone is a fool, it has a lot more to do with a person’s ability to recognize good from evil, and know the difference between godliness and worldliness.  God says that even supposedly smart people can actually be “fools” in reality. And even people who don’t have a lot of knowledge can really be “wise” when it comes to living a life that pleases God.

The good news for you is that faith in  Jesus Christ can make  you “wise unto salvation” (2 Timothy 3:15). We’ll talk more about what this looks like soon!

Good sense is a fountain of life to him who has it,
but the instruction of fools is folly.
” – Proverbs 16:22


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