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Busy Summer for FBCF Youth

Summer 2010 is a little different from the previous summers for the Youth Group of FBC Fairdale.

This is the first summer in 6 years that we are not going to Youth Camp. We think that will prove to be a really good thing because we are finding many ways to impact our youth in various ways.

1)     SUPER TUESDAYS – Six different Tuesdays this summer all Youth are invited to church for Bible, Fun, & Service.

2)     BATS GAME – On July 6, all of the youth are going to a Louisville Bats Game. Free Tickets are provided.

3)     HOLIDAY WORLD – On July 13, all youth are invited to Holiday World. Cost is $30 each.

4)     SUMMER INTERNS – We are having 3 youth work at church for 7 weeks this summer as interns. They will helping the Pastor and Nate Martin. This begins July 6. More to come later in regards to this.

5)     ECUADOR MISSION TRIP – We had 3 youth go on our summer mission trip to Ecuador. It was mighty trip that God is still impacting us from. More to come later in regards to this.

6)     FCA LEADERSHIP CAMP- We also sent 3 youth to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Camp.

7)     YOUTH INTERNSHIP – We also have a High School Senior from North Carolina coming for four weeks to serve in our church. He is in the ministry and will be working along with our Pastor and Youth Group. He will be here from mid July to mid August.

That is a busy summer. We are praying for God to work mightily in our young people.

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