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2010 – Legendary Lock-In: THIS FRIDAY NIGHT @ 6pm!

That’s right. The time has finally come! This year’s Legendary Lock-In starts this Friday night at 6pm and runs until Saturday morning at 10am. There’s a reason we’re calling this thing ‘legendary’, so make plans now to be there with every friend you can fit in your car (or on your bike). All the specs are below, pay close attention, and don’t forget to print off or pick up a MEDICAL RELEASE FORM to turn in to us on Friday when you arrive. If the legendary fun is too much for you to handle, we want to know what kind of doctor you prefer — Dr. Phil or a real one who actually knows what he’s doing. Anyways, here’s the info you’ve all been waiting for:

TIME: 6:00pm Friday – 10:00am Saturday

PLACE: First Baptist Church Fairdale

WHO: Any youth, middle school to high school. Bring your friends, family, and complete and total strangers.

WHAT TO BRING: **Medical release form (you can print them off of this website on the left menu)**, friends, sleeping bags and pillows, change of clothes (for various reasons), old pair of tennis shoes (for running around in), black clothes or camo (for one of the games — don’t worry if you don’t have any, because it’s not¬†imperative), flashlight (if you have one), and any board games or video games you want to play later in the night.

QUESTIONS: Email or call Hank or Drew.

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