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Give yourself!

For whatever reason, we havent been meeting as often as we normally do.  Or maybe, I was just gone some.

Either way….we are back on track now.

Last wednesday night, we broke it down nicely and got in to the idea of giving. Not so much giving money or things, but giving ourselves.  What a thought…..have you given yourself fully to God?

Acts 20:35 Paul quotes Jesus saying “it is more blessed to give than to recieve.”We looked at that passage, we watched a video, and then we were challenged to give ourselves.

Paul says he does not count his life as worth anything.

Where are the young people who love Jesus and want to give their all to Christ?

I know they are out there…Jesus always has a following.  Lets rise up and give ourselves to His purposes for His glory!

birth of the King!

“the baby in the womb, he was the maker of the moon, he was the author of the faith, he could make the mountains move.”    -Andrew Peterson

peanut butter???

“Peanut butter is a meat! It has lots of protein.”  -LJ

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