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It’s All About Christ

Here’s a video from Paul Washer that we watched this past Sunday Morning @ Cross-Training. It rocked us. Hope it rocks you. It is, indeed, all about Christ…

Singing the Battle Song

We had a great time tonight up in the YouthRoom learning about why the songs of Christians absolutely change the world and us!

Not only do we sing because of the awesome truth that God has saved us from our bondage to sin through Jesus Christ, nor is it just because the Bible tells us to sing (though it does from beginning to end!), but we sing because we are in the middle of a war!In fact, we are in the middle of the greatest war that there ever was or ever will be! God declared it in Genesis 3, won it on Calvary, and will finish it off in Revelation. Until then, we get to rally every Wednesday and Sunday together as an army of God’s redeemed, singing of God’s deliverance of our souls, His promises for our future, and His power and victory over the devil and sin. The songs of the Christian declare that the King is coming soon, and complete and final victory is coming with Him. Hallelujah! Now that’s good news!

A fellow freedom fighter for your joy and the glory of Christ,


Two awesome vids on war. The first on making war in life – and the second on prayer as a war-time walkie talkie. Add ’em to your arsenal…

The 7 Mile Truth

You see a lot of stuff on television about what people “really” think happened to Jesus when he was crucified. For people who haven’t been made right with God by the forgiveness of their sins through Jesus’ blood, believing that a man named Jesus Christ could really rise up out of the dead 3 days after he was nailed to a cross sounds crazy. But there’s a few big problems: THERE REALLY WAS A MAN NAMED JESUS CHRIST, AND HE REALLY WAS CRUCIFIED FOR OUR SIN, AND HE REALLY DID RISE UP FROM THE GRAVE 3 DAYS LATER. Not even the History Channel could make this up…

Check out this clip from a sermon given by an awesome preacher named Matt Chandler about the 7 Mile Truth:

What is the Gospel?

Have you ever wondered what exactly people mean when they talk about “the Gospel”? The answer to that question is the most important thing you will ever consider. Your response to the Gospel really will change your life!  We talk about the truth of the Gospel every week in the YouthRoom, and we hear the Gospel preached every Sunday by our Pastor.

Here’s a preacher named John Piper with a great answer to the question, “What is the Gospel?”

What is the Gospel? – John Piper

Hear the Word!

Josh Powell (He’s our favorite preacher). Most of his sermons are posted on

Alistair Begg. You can find his sermons on

Stephen Curry. You can find his Irish sermons at


Neil McClendon. He travels & preaches to youth, and he also pastors Grand Parkway Baptist Church. His sermons are at or

John MacArthur. He is very well known and pastors Grace Community Church. His sermons are at

John Piper. He pastors Bethelehem Baptist Church and his sermons are at

Tanner Turley. Tanner is a PhD student at Southeastern Seminary. His sermons are scattered abroad. We hope to have a link soon.

Travis Jones. Travis travels and preaches and loves missions. His sermons are scattered abroad as well. We hope to have a link soon to all of Travis’s sermons. In the meantime, you can find some of his on

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