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Camp 2009

Camp 2009 was awesome!


Slurge Fest!

Slurge Fest!

The theme for this years camp is Beyond. Going beyond your position, beyond your performance, beyond your plans, and beyond pressures.

Camp 2007!

A different group of 22 people headed up in vans & headed to Tennessee for Here & Now Student Life Camp.

It was a sad day when we all had to return home!


Eating and fellowshipping at our yummy lunch time!



No servant is greater than his master! The youth after washing each other’s feet!

no servant is greater than his master!

Camp 2006!

Camp 2006!

Think back, guys! It only seems like yesterday when we took a big crowd of 22 people to the Carolina’s to enjoy the beautiful beach & youth camp!

All of us gathered on the beach!showing off our personalized tees!


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