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“Wimpy doctrine makes wimpy Christians.” -Piper

“Paul’s antidote for wimpy Christians is weighty doctrine.” -Piper


“Think before you live.”  -J Greene    “You only live once.”   -J Greene along with countless others


“By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”  -Charles Spurgeon

“Never too high, never too low.” -Coach

“Don’t be discouraged.  It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.”  ~Author Unknown

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.  So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” -Galatians 6:9-10

C.S. Lewis

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains.”

-C.S. Lewis in The Problem of Pain

Back to School

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain


“When a teacher calls a boy by his entire name, it means trouble.” – Mark Twain


“Nothing grieves a child more than to study the wrong lesson and learn something he wasn’t suppose to.” – E.C. McKenzie


“Schoolteachers are not fully appreciated by parents until it rains all day Saturday.” – E. C. McKenzie

Shane & Shane

“It was unfair deal on the part of Christ…He got my sin, I got eternal life.” 

-Shane & Shane’s “Breath of God”.


“Oh the devil’s singing over me, An age old song
That I am cursed and gone astray, Singing the first verse so conveniently
He’s forgotten the refrain… Jesus saves!”    -Shane & Shane’s “Embracing Accusation”


the love of God

“The love of God is not God’s making much of us, but God’s saving us from self-centeredness so that we can enjoy making much of him forever.”   -John Piper

Youth are the future!

“Those whimpering Stateside young people will wake up on the Day of Judgment condemned to worse fates than these demon-fearing Indians, because, having a Bible, they were bored with it – while these never heard of such a thing as writing.” -Jim Elliot

“I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” -Whitney Houston

“Brett and I firmly believe we are living in historic times. We further believe that God is raising up a generation of young people, specifically those in the Christian, homeschool community, who will one day assume positions of leadership in all spheres of life: social, political, and spiritual. This is not a call for the complacent or the lackadaisical. This is not a call to those who are willing to lower their standards to meet the expectations of their culture. This is a call to the rebelutionary.” -Alex & Brett Harris

“The Rebelution = a teenage rebellion against low expectations.” -a movement of Christ-centered young people across the world

“Academic chairs are many, but wise and noble teachers are few; lecture-rooms are numerous and large, but the number of young people who genuinely thirst after truth and justice is small.” -Albert Einstein


“Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.”   -William Carey


“Prosperity and worldly comfort are what all naturally desire; but losses and crosses are far better for us, if they lead us to Christ.”   -JC Ryle

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