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Thank you!

As 2008’s summer break begins to come to a close, I want to write a special thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, & guardians of all the youth who are a part of our youth group.

Wholeheartedly….THANK YOU!

Thank you for allowing your child to come to our church.  Thank you for trusting us (me) to work with your child.

I, Josh the youth pastor, and we, the whole body of FBCF, do not take it lightly at all the great privilege and opportunity of working with young people.  I see students as very important.  So, I see youth ministry as very important.  All this means that I never see your child as ‘just another kid’, but instead I see your student as an individual, an individual with a story that goes along with his/her life and world. I see them as just as important as anyone else.  I want to see them do well; do well in school, do well at home, do well in relationships, do well in all that they do.

I also believe that your child’s well-being wholly depends upon their relationship with God.  No one can know God personally without coming to know Him through the mediator Jesus.  The Bible explains that Jesus brings us to God by dying in our place.  He took our punishment.  God’s love is so incredible that He will not punish anyone who treasures Christ as Savior and King because Jesus took that punishment on the cross.  I like to use the word substitute.  God substituted Jesus for us in bearing the penalty of sin.

This is really good for everyone, especially your child.  Your child’s well-being is dependent upon them knowing God.  This life, as all of us adults know so well, is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we are good, sometimes we are bad, sometimes we’re sick, sometimes were miserable, sometimes we’re fed up, sometimes we’re ready to give up, sometimes we just can’t take it anymore.

I don’t want your child to deal with all this world offers without a good healthy way to overcome it.

A kid’s involvement with a youth group is immeasurable. Through church, your kid can build friendships with both youth and adults.  Through working with me, your child will learn responsibility and self-worth. Through our steadily growing Youth Group, your child will build many quality friendships with both guys and girls. As your kid grows closer to God, his/her ability to do well in all areas of life will undoubtedly increase.  Beginning with my own, I have seen so many teenage lives truly changed.  I trust your child will have his/her life impacted as well.

Again, I thank you for allowing me to get involved with your child. And I look forward to seeing them grow. . . Grow into a young man or woman, a mature and responsible person, a student with morals and integrity, and  student who knows God.

If you ever want or need to talk to me about anything, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.  My home # is 368-0083.  My number at church is 368-9053.  And my e-mail address is

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