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Presenting Your FBC Fairdale Youth Interns for 2009


Brigette is known as “Beegee” and is a 16-year-old junior at duPont Manual High Schhool. She doesn’t like writing about herself so this post will be very short. She loves JJ.


This is Chassity Arnold. She is sixteen years old. She is a junior at Butler Traditional High School. She is pretty much awesome at everything she does.

-The End!


Dalton is a 17 year old male that attends Louisville Male High School and will be a Senior in the fall.  He enjoys laying by the pool and soaking up the rays. Crocodile Dundee is his role model so he likes to wrestle crocodiles and wear Australian style hats in his spare time. On Thursday nights he plays mens league softball and is the homerun leader this season.

Summer Interns ’09

Summer is here and there is more excitement than ever at FBC Fairdale!  God the Father has been working mightily within the youth group during the past school year and now we move to the summer where God so often does miraculous things in youth ministry.  We are excited to see God grow and sanctify our youth as well as save those who may be lost!

This summer we are honored have to three awesome youth interns.  The three interns are Dalton Stivers (17), Brigette Bailey (16), and Chassity Arnold (16).  These students will be working alongside Josh and Drew this summer as they will be discipled intensely taking a deep look at the word of God.  The Great Commission in Matthew 28:16 has given every Christian a mandate to make disciples and teach them all Christ has commanded us.  That is our goal.  As these interns are discipled our hope is that they will become atomic missiles for the kingdom of God and reproduce their faith with those around them.

These students were chosen because of their leadership qualities including; teachability, servant attitude, and a desire to exalt Christ.  By God’s grace our youth group will grow and be strengthened by the efforts of the interns.  Please remember them in your prayers as we strive together to exalt Christ!

Summer Interns are Finished!

The summer internship is over.  This year is the first time we have been able to have Youth interns, and it came to an end today.  The three interns worked every week the entire sermon break.  They worked on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Sadly, today was the final day.

I am so glad that we did this!  All three of them did an incredible job.  I was so impressed with their ability.  They took the internship very seriously, and in my opinion there has been much fruit in it.  I think the entire church and student ministry has profited from their work.

For the interns, their summer consisted of a variety of things. From cleaning up outside, to designing posters, to writing & mailing letters to little kids, to reading and praying a lot, to helping Mrs. Wanda organize the History Room, to visiting shut-ins, to doing just about anything I asked them to do, Dalton, Emily, & Brigette did a wonderful job serving Christ and His church this summer.

My hope and earnest prayer is that this summer had a lasting impact on these three teens.  I hope that they will grow up in the faith and become better students and leaders.  Their potential is high and the difference they can make for Christ is limitless.

I love these three youth so much and I feel that our very close friendship was strengthened even more this summer.  I thank God for these three kids.  My heart is fully attached to them, and in so many ways I feel very connected to them as a big brother or father to them.  As they continue to grow in Christ and build on many of the life principles they established this summer, my prayer is that they would truly begin to “adorn the doctrine of God our Savior.” -Titus 2:10

I can’t wait to observe their growth and godly change over the upcoming months.

To God be the Glory!

Dalton Stivers

Dalton StiversDalton is a 16 year old student attending Louisville Male High School.  He will be a junior in the fall.  When he’s not working out, he likes diving into pools and saving kids. He enjoys texting 24/7 and drinking ice cold Propel from Circle K. He also likes exploring the farthest reaches of the world on Google earth.  He plays basketball, soccer, and football when he isn’t in physical therapy. Besides all of this, he loves reading the Bible and getting closer to Jesus.

Emily Stivers

Emily Stivers

Emily is 17 years old and is attending Dupont Manual as a Senior in the Youth Performing Arts Vocal program. She has been involved here at FBCF since 1994. She has two younger sisters who are also very involved in church. Emily enjoys singing, photography, spending time at church, and spending time with her horse. She plans on attending UK to study Equine medicine. Emily has a big heart and interest in missions, and she hopes to someday go to Kenya. She sees her intern position as an opportunity to grow in Christ and teach others.

Brigette Bailey

Brigette Bailey
Brigette Bailey is a 15 year old sophomore and will be attending duPont Manual in the fall. (She enjoys long walks on the beach and personal conversation.) She enjoys being at church as much as possible, and spending time and helping out with the youth. And she also loves Penne pasta. She is hoping that her relationship with Christ, and her relationship with the other two interns will grow by the end of the summer internship. And she doesn’t care what anyone else says about him, Josh Greene is her favorite youth minister.

Summer Interns 2008

Brigette, Dalton, & EmilyGod is at work among the youth in Fairdale, and we are humbled and excited to be a part of what God is doing.  Youth are being saved!  Students are getting baptized. And more and more of them are surrendering all of themselves to the Lordship of Christ. It is a beautiful thing.  With this growth comes some new challenges.  Discipleship becomes more difficult when the numbers are increased.  It is hard to spend 1-on-1 time with a student when there are so many.  It is difficult to invest deeply in their lives when there are so many lives.  For this reason, we decided to create some Summer Intern positions.  The purpose of the Summer Intern positions is two-fold. 1) So that the Interns can assist Josh in making our Youth Ministry better and better. and 2) So that Josh can more intensely disciple and mentor these three so that they may be found ‘sound in the faith’ as we read in Titus.

This summer Josh chose three youth that he felt were eager to serve.  These students possess leadership qualities as well as teachability.  The three of them are followers of Christ who are committed to His Word.  They were excited to accept this Intern position as a step to further maturing in the faith.

Besides putting up with JGreene’s continual teaching, the three of them love working alongside Josh.  The three interns this summer are Emily Stivers (17), Dalton Stivers (16), and Brigette Bailey (15).

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